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Who Are We?

We are a software development company situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Our areas of expertise cover a full spectrum of IT Solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We maintain a team of devoted, highly skilled and motivated IT professionals with a history of excellence in software development to provide you with
The Right Solution.

Retail Management System

We are among the pioneers of Point-Of-Sale system in Pakistan. Our industry leading POS system offers speed, reliability and scalability to perform in one store or a chain of stores. The easy to use interface makes it incredibly quick to learn operations for a new user and enables quick customer check-out on the counter.

Restaurant management system

Our restaurant management system has evolved to become one of the best softwares available on the market for hospitality industry. Suitable for Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels etc with quick-service or fine-dine functionality. We offer an innovative ordering system where waiting staff can take orders directly on Smart Tablets and send orders directly to the kitchen.

Finance Management System

We provide all kinds of customized and turnkey web applications for your business. We are constantly upgrading our technologies and development methodologies to keep up with the fast paced IT industry. Web applications have become increasingly essential as businesses are growing and becoming global. We ensure that your systems remain accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Trading Business Management System

Almost 45% of the world's population is using smartphones in today's world. It is essential to have a digital presence on smartphone platform to ensure global reach. We use the most advanced mobile app development frameworks for native as well as cross-platform applications so that you may reach your goal and your users may have a great experience right on their fingertips.

Supply Chain Management System

If you have a distribution network, then this is the right solution for you. Our software supports Sub-Distributors and their stock levels, sales, deliveries, payment collection and more. Our system keeps you up-to-date with each and every movement of your stock and sales. Integration with our smartphone app makes it even more powerful with online/offline capability.

Glass Processing Management System

Our glass cutting and processing software enables you to manage all your machinery and processes to automate and provide you with updates on every step from beginning to the end. Our proprietary cutting formula minimizes wastage and calculates the best dimensions for cutting glass. Inventory and finance modules integration provide a one window solution for your company.